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John Lott was born in 1817 in TN. He is our earliest known ancestor. His parents were born in Kentucky. We have been unable to get further information about his parents. He has one known sibling, Sena Lott, born 1815 in Kentucky. She married William Proffitt in the 1840s in McNairy County, TN.

John Lott lived after 1850 in McNairy County, TN in the area known as Anderson's Store. William T. Anderson operated a large distillery there and according to my grandfather, "John Lott operated one of the biggest whiskey stills ever seen in these parts". From John Lott's Southern Claims Commission Papers, he believed in the Union cause and was persecuted to the extent that he went to Henry County, TN during the Civil War. His witness, John Aldridge, thought that John Lott had spent these years in Kentucky. Both attested to the fact that John Lott's oldest son, William Harrison Lott fought for the Confederacy. After the Civil War, John Lott returned to McNairy County TN, where he spent the remainder of his life. He is buried in Oneal Cemetery, near Enville, in McNairy Co., TN.


For the benefit of my children, I will list our direct ancesteral line first. Those family members still living have been omited to preserve their privacy. Any family member may contact me directly for additional enformation about these persons.

Jarmon Ova Lott was born November 4, 1904 at Enville in McNairy County, TN. He married December 20, 1925 at Enville to Bessie Beatrice Williams. She was born March 26, 1909 at Leapwood, McNairy County, TN. Ova died August 30, 1966 and Bessie died August 29, 2002. Both are buried in the Milledgeville Cemetery, Milledgeville, McNairy County, TN.

Harmon Sherle Lott was born April 7, 1880 at Enville in McNairy County, TN. He married March 12, 1902 at Enville to Celie Anne Canaday. She was born April 30, 1884 at Enville, McNairy County, TN. Harmon died January 8, 1965 and "Annie" had died on July 4, 1942. Both are buried in the Oneal Cemetery, near Enville in McNairy County, TN.

John Robins Lott was born January 1, 1853 at Enville in McNairy County, TN. He married January 3, 1879 at Enville to Amy Catherine Oneal. She was born November 21, 1856 at Enville, McNairy County, TN. "J. R." Lott died February 21, 1916 and Amy had died on February 5, 1915. Both are buried in the Oneal Cemeery, near Enville in McNairy County, TN.

John Lott was born April 6, 1817 in Tennessee, according to the census records and according to my grandfather. He married possibly in Humphreys County, TN to Elizabeth Logan Robins. She was born October 12, 1824, probably in North Carolina. John died August 23, 1898 and is buried beside his second, or possibly third, wife in the Oneal Cemetery, near Enville in McNairy County, TN. "Betsy" had died on September 18, 1855 and was buried near her family in the Old Oak Grove Cemetery, then in McNairy County, now Chester County, near Henderson, TN. She was the first person buried there. Her father, William A Robbins, had given the land for the Church and Cemetery.

Some descendents feel that John and Betsy married in Humphreys County, TN, because her grandparents, Henry Burton and Keziah Farley Burton were living in Humphreys County, TN. It is known that two of Henry and Keziah daughters became our direct ancestors. One daughter's grandaughter, Elizabeth Jane Forrest, married Houston D. Williams and the another daughter's daughter, Elizabeth Logan Robbins, married John Lott. Keziah is said to have died in Humphreys County, TN after 1822. Henry moved with the rest of his family to McNairy County, TN, where he died in 1828 and was buried in the Old Blakley Graveyard near Leapwood in McNairy County, TN. Henry Burton was a Revolutionary War soldier.

There is a landing on the east side of the Tennessee River, in the northern part of Hardin County, TN, shown on the river maps as Lott's Landing. On the bluff above the landing, the foundation of a cabin can still be seen and a brick/rock lined dug well is still there. Higher on the bluff, seem to be the remains of a Cemetery. Five river rocks in a neat row, seem to mark graves. The first Hardin County Cemetery Records, published about 1980, listed this cememtery as Lott's Landing Cemetery, with five unmarked graves. I suspect this may be the last resting place of John Lott's family.

Around 1980, a Mr. Cooley in Parsons, TN told me about a couple of orphans that he had heard about named Lott. He said that they were a boy and a girl and that they could have lived across the river, maybe in Perry County? I wish that I had asked him more. Could this have been John and Sena? Did they live at Lott's Landing? Are the unmarked graves those of their parents and siblings?

The Tennessee-Kentucky line, was run too far north in 1779-1780 by Virginia surveyors. Kentucky finally accepted this erroneous Walker Line in early 1820. I wonder if this disputed area could be where John and Sena's parents lived? My grandfather said they came from "up around Mamouth Cave, Kentucky". At any rate the land on both sides of the Tennessee River was Indian Lands in 1790. Tennessee County, Tennessee was on the Kentucky Line and nearest the eastern side of the Tennessee River in 1790. The Territory South of the Ohio River, popularly called the Southwest Territory, was created in May 1790. By direction of the territorial governor, militia captains took a census in July 1791. The county lines were unchanged from 1790.

Tennessee County's name was dropped after it's division into Montgomery and Robertson counties in 1796. Montgomery County touched the Kentucky line and was nearest the eastern side of the Tennessee River in 1800. By 1810, Stewart County is on the Kentucky Line and touching the eastern side of the Tennessee River. Humphreys County, TN includes the remainder of the eastern side of the Tennessee River from just south of present day Stewart County all the way to the Mississippi Territory, currently the State of Alabama.

By 1820, Hardin County was created near it's present north-south boundaries and continuing westerward all the way to the Mississippi River. And Perry County near it's present north-south boundaries, also included present day Decatur County, crossing the Tennessee River to the west. Humphreys County had retained it's northern boundary, but crossed the Tennessee River to include the eastern part of present day Benton County.

In 1830, Henry County, TN has been created on the Kentucky Line and on the western side of the Tennessee River. Humphreys County retains it's north-south boundaries on both sides of the Tennessee River, including present day Benton County, TN. The 1830 census of Tennessee includes a Dan Lott, listed in Humphreys County, TN.


Known deceased descendants of Sena Lott Proffit, born about 1815 in Kentucky and sister of John Lott of McNairy County, TN will be listed first:

From LOTT Lineages, Issue #1, August 1988, Information provided by Jack Clemens of Magnolia Arkansas: Sena Lott was a sister of John Lott of northern McNairy County, TN. She was born about 1815 in KY, per census records. Sena Lott first married a Hodges. Later in McNairy County, TN she married William Fleming Proffitt in 1845. He was born in VA, 26 October 1815, went into NC and TN and was in AR in 1845 and to TX in 1864. They were the parents of John Lott Proffitt, born 1846, Henderson Golson Proffitt, born 1848 in TN, and William Proffitt, born 1850 in AR. William Fleming Proffitt left home at about age 21 and never contacted the family again. When his older brother inherited the estate under VA law, he became angry. He was an educated businessman and left his projected plantation in AR and moved on to TX, mostly because Steele's army had used all the food and the local people were starving. William Fleming Proffitt died in September 1864 while serving in Goolby's Texas Cavalry.

From Brenda Lawson, Hot Springs, AR, June 2001, and from her webpages: William F. Proffitt was born in VA, but left there at about 22 years of age. He lived in several states until he settled in McNairy County, TN. There her married Senia Lott. She was born in Kentucky. In 1849, Mr. Proffitt moved to Calhoun County, Arkansas, where he was a Justice of the Peace. During his early years he was an overseer. Later he owned a merchantile store and farmed. He became wealthy but lost all during the War Between the States. In 1865 he moved to Texas and died there at age 45. After his death, Mrs. Proffitt returned to Calhoun County, AR. William and Senia had six children: H. G. Proffitt became a butcher in Camden, Ouachita County, AR. William H. Proffitt became a farmer in Calhoun County, AR. He married Rebecca "Cat" Riggs. Sarah Proffitt married James McDonald. John L. Proffitt was born 22 July 1846 in McNairy County, TN. About 1849 the family moved to Calhoun County, AR, where he attended school. In 1864, John L. Proffitt joined the 19th Infantry Confederate Army and remained in service until May 1865 without being wounded or taken prisoner. After his service, John L. Proffitt remained in Texas. In 1867, he returned to AR, where he bought a farm. About 1869, he married Catherine Yeager, daughter of Judge Michael Yeager of Calhoun County. She was born in 1847 and died 21 March 1871. Before 1874, John L. Proffitt married Gatsey Pate, youngest child of William M. Pate. John L. Proffitt and Gatsey had at least six children: Lou, Laura, Mary, Sallie, William C. and Ella. John L. Proffitt was a Democrat, a successful farmer and was Corner in the county for at least two years. Brenda says that most of her information came from Goodspeed's History of Arkansas.

Laverne Lott had found by the mid 1980s an old ledger book from a store near Montezuma, then northern McNairy County, now Chester County, TN, it contained the notation that Sennie Lott had purchased a pair of shoes. We wondered if she was related and now we know that she was indeed the older sister of our John Lott.



Next, the deceased descendants of John Lott, born 1817 in Tennessee. John Lott married (first ?) Elizabeth Logan Robbins, born October 12, 1824, probably in NC. She was the daughter of William A. Robbins and Permelia T. Burton. John and "Betsy" had five children: William Harrison Lott, born August 31, 1841 in TN. Daniel Hugh Lott, born February 24, 1846 in TN. Martha Lott, born 1848 in TN. John Robbins Lott, born January 1, 1853 in TN. And Robert L. Lott, born 1855 in TN. "Betsy" died September 18, 1855 and was buried in the Old Oak Grove Cemetery, then in northern McNairy County, now Chester County, TN, near Henderson, TN.


From the Recorder of Deeds Office in McNairy County, TN, there is recorded a Bill of Sale from S. L. Stansill to John Lott. A note made by John Lott on 26 September 1859, due on 26 September 1860, from John Lott to S. L. Stansill for Twelve Hundred and Fifty Dollars for a Negro Woman, named Miller and her child Eleta Miller, aged about forty years, Eletea about three years old, warranted to be sound, sensible, and slaves for life. Bill of Sale witnessed at the Office of Joseph Walker, County Court of McNairy County, TN on the 10th day of November 1859, filed for registration at 2 o'clock P.M.


Information from Mike Larue of Redding, California. Mike is a direct descendant of Sarah A. Lott, born October 1859 in TN, according to census records:

John Lott, born 1817 in TN, must have married (second ?) Sarah Ann (maiden name unknown). Mike has a copy of Sarah A. Lott Larue's death certificate which lists her father as John Lott and her mother as Sarah Ann Lott. Sarah A. Lott "Sally", born October 1859 in McNairy County, TN, married about 1885-86 in Chester County, TN to Alexander Morgan Larue, son of William Calvin Larue and Marena Owens. This was the second marriage for "Alex" and first marriage for Sarah A. Lott. "Alex" and Sarah had four children: John Auther Larue, born January 1887; Pearl Larue, born December 1889, died March 1, 1890, buried Grove Springs Cemetery, Chester County, TN; Minnie D. Larue, born May 1892, died 1982, married Dick Barnet; and Brady Bryan Larue, born 17 October 1895, died 27 August 1899, buried Grove Springs Cemetery, Chester County, TN. Alexander Morgan Larue was accused of killing Noah Young over a property dispute. On April 19, 1899 while awaiting trial in the Chester County jail in Henderson, TN, "Alex" was killed in his jail cell by a mob, who stormed the jail. He is buried in Johnson's Cemetery, Chester County, TN. "Sally" , with her living children and "Alex"'s living children by his first marriage moved to Texas about 1900. Sarah Ann "Sally" Lott Larue, died December 28, 1920 in Bowie County, Texas. She is buried in the DeKalb Cemetery, Bowie County, Texas, but her plot was vandalized and her stone destroyed.

Mike Larue's Uncle Roy, born 1922 in DeKalb, Bowie County, Texas remembered a family to whom they were related through the Lott Line (he did not know of their names), but they were living in the Bowie County, TX area when he was a kid.

John Auther Larue, born January 1887, married 1911 in Bowie County, TX to Maud Musgrove. They had seven children, then divorced about 1939: Halley Auther Larue, born February 11, 1912, died 1990, married Addy Mae Thompson, had one daughter; Millard Lee Larue, born March 17, 1914, died December 1970, married December 18, 1938 to Fayola Blanks, had two daughters; Wilber Morgan Larue, born December 3, 1916, died March 3, 1965, married November 16, 1942 to Serena Ellen Wise, had two sons; Fred Hartwell Larue, born December 1918, died September 1996, married Phleodie Thompson, had two daughters; Son Larue (living), had two daughters; Son Larue (living), had one daughter and three sons; Donald Emerson Larue, born September 1932, died 1981 in Maryland, married twice, first marriage-one daughter, second marriage-two daughters.


John Lott, born 1817 in TN married last to Mary Jane (Taylor ?). She is said to be a sister to Mr. Sid Massengill's wife and that she was raised to a McCain, or McCann, near Crump, in Hardin County, TN. The problem is that descendants of Mr. Sid Massengill say that he was married to Mary Jane Taylor. So, there is more to be learned about the last wife of John Lott, she is listed in the census as Mary J. Lott, wife of John Lott, and buried beside him in the Oneal Cemetery, near Enville, McNairy County, TN as M.J. Lott. Mary Jane was born in 1832 and died July 13, 1897. John and Mary had three children: Eliza D. Lott, born February 28, 1860, married Robert B. "Buck" Sewell, died February 16, 1945, buried in the Oneal Cemetery; Thomas J. "Tom" Lott, born in 1862, married Eugenia Robison, died 1939, buried Oneal Cemetery; and Nancy E. Lott, born 1864, married Elijah "Lig" Owens, died 1941, buried Oneal Cemetery.

John Lott, born 1817, TN, died August 23, 1898, and is buried in the Oneal Cemetery, near Enville, McNairy County, TN, beside his last wife.





Our Lott and Freeman family are connected. If you would like more information on our Freeman family go to www.freemanfamilies.com.

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